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Calculate cost of ownership with car financing

Posted on Monday, October 22, 2012 at 4:37:14 PM

Just buying a car isn't the only thing to consider when figuring out what you can afford in terms of used car financing. It's important to note that just getting the vehicle off the lot will require all sorts of paperwork, titling and inspection fees, meaning the bottom line is always steeper than what is written in chalk on the windshield.

More consumers are considering electric cars because of their superb gas mileage, according to the Los Angeles Times. With some regions citing $5 or $6 per gallon of gas, SUVs are not as attractive to shoppers as they used to be, and even some sedans will prove costly to fuel. That's why customers need to consider what their monthly car financing payment will be, before adding on gas and insurance costs to see how things even out.

USA Weekend wrote that people need to take better care of their cars in order to reduce ownership costs in the long run. Simple things like maintaining proper tire pressure and doing regular oil changes can make a car perform better. This will make managing car financing much easier, too.ADNFCR-16001052-ID-800889960-ADNFCR