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Consider luxury elements in a remodel

Posted on Friday, August 17, 2012 at 3:45:34 PM

Homeowners seeking to create an oasis of calm through the design of their master bathroom may want to consider investing in luxury materials and features. Remodeling the space as a refuge from the troubles of life is a priority for many.

Here are three luxury elements to consider incorporating into a bathroom remodel:

1. Frosted panes. Using glass to section off portions of the bathroom will make the room appear larger, yet yield a certain level of privacy to those using the space if the material is frosted.

2. Custom tub. Make the tub the focus of the room. This feature may have originally been used for utility, but now it is a symbol of relaxation and luxury.

3. Multi-jet shower. While the average person takes a shower every day, that doesn't mean the task can't also provide a bit of comfort. By investing in multiple shower heads and jets, a user can have water cascading on them from all angles and sides for the ultimate cleansing experience.

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