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One in four car owners are gaining interest in hybrid vehicles

Posted on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 4:03:24 PM

Hybrid vehicles are gaining in popularity, according to the most recent results of The Harris Poll. Out of a survey of 2,634 American adults, of whom 1,991 own or lease a vehicle, approximately 32 percent are showing interest in purchasing a hybrid vehicle. In addition, another 23 percent of survey respondents report that their interest in hybrids has increased in the past year.

Despite the increased interest, 59 percent of consumers claim that their next auto purchase will most likely be for a traditional combustion engine vehicle. Interest in fuel-efficient alternatives wanes with age, with younger consumers more interested in the hybrid options on the market than their older counterparts. About 32 percent of consumers under the age of 35 have considered buying a hybrid, while only 15 percent of those over the age of 67 have contemplated the option.

"This survey shows that automakers are starting to win over consumer confidence in hybrid vehicles, especially with younger drivers," said Mike Chadsey, Vice President, Automotive Solutions Consultant, Harris Interactive. "While this appears to be driven in large part by personal economic needs to reduce fuel expenses, automakers seem to be making a strong case for the performance and reliability of hybrid vehicles compared to traditional options."

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