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Restore the architectural details of a home with modern twists

Posted on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 10:04:11 PM

Living in a grand Victorian, classic colonial or sprawling plantation is a dream of many Americans. The beautiful lines and sturdy architecture of these historic homes often draw people in. However, despite the overall appeal, living in these homes can try a person’s patience.

"It had to do with the simplicity of the floor plan, compared to the way houses are built today, when things are so convoluted and you have to walk through galleries to get places," Stephen Muse, a homeowner of a historic property, told Residential Architect Magazine. "It’s something all of us should think about more."

Those antiquated structures are not built to accommodate the modern lifestyle. If you love your older home, but are not a fan of the small rooms or lack or closet space, consider using home improvement financing to alter the abode. There are a number of fixes you can have done to improve the usability of the house.

Many structures fail to use open wall space effectively. Consider knocking into a wall and installing a closet or pantry for added storage, or remove a wall to create a more open floor plan between the dining room and the kitchen. These and other renovation ideas can increase the value of your home.