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How important is a vehicle history report?

Posted on Friday, June 15, 2012 at 7:59:12 AM

Any car is a  significant investment. A vehicle is charged with getting you to work, bring your kids to soccer practice and providing a way to get to the beach during vacation. Therefore, it is important to get an in-depth vehicle history report and have a reliable mechanic check the car out for the safety of your family.

According to Experian AutoCheck, nearly 88 percent of used cars examined before sale have a concerning history. Out of those, 32 percent had critical issues such as being registered as stolen or outstanding debt liens. Exactly 13 percent of used cars were previously labeled as totaled or not road worthy by insurance companies.

Before signing an auto financing contract and driving a vehicle off the car lot, make sure to do your homework. A complete history report should include any accidents the vehicle was in, any major work done or even a paint change. Unless the car is less than one year old, the report should be a weighty document and list the pertaining information in chronological order. ADNFCR-16001052-ID-800797475-ADNFCR