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What is a VIN number and why is it important?

Posted on Monday, February 13, 2012 at 9:17:14 AM

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) can assist consumers seeking a used car. The VIN number contains details on the entirety of the vehicle’s history, including the country and year of manufacture, make, model and serial number, the assembly plant and sometime equipment specifications.

Using the VIN number, a car history report containing any accidents the vehicle was involved in or major repairs can be made. Most dealerships will offer the report free of charge to buyers. However, if the salesperson does not, the consumer should consider having a report does as an investment.

Consumers do not want to use their auto financing to purchase a vehicle with a history of extensive repairs or damage. Using the VIN number to investigate the car's past can give the potential buyer more information that could change his or her decision.

Knowledge is power, and consumers seeking a reliable ride should research a vehicle using the VIN number. Bringing the car to a trusted third-party mechanic can also provide additional insight to the automobile’s quality and what can be expected from it a few years into the future.ADNFCR-16001052-ID-800706271-ADNFCR