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Age affects desired auto technology among car buyers

Posted on Monday, September 8, 2014 at 10:01:55 AM

If you pay attention to the stereotype, you likely believe that the older you get the less you care about - or can comprehend - new technology. However, a recent report from has found that while age does affect tech preferences, it doesn't in the way you might expect. explained that baby boomers and millennials care greatly about the technology in their new cars on a similar level - 62 percent for boomers compared to 61 percent for millennials. In fact, features and gadgets can help older drivers stay on the road for longer. 

"Car culture was huge when the baby boomers were growing up, so it makes sense that as they get older, they're going to want to stay behind the wheel as long as possible," explained Brian Moody, site editor for "The technology and features available in vehicles now can do a lot to make sure older drivers are comfortable and safe."

Both older and younger buyers have been out in force recently as well, as the auto industry has been in the midst of significant sales. According to the retailer AutoNation, manufacturers' sales reached nearly 33,000 new vehicles in August, up 7 percent on a yearly basis.