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Today's vehicles trend away from 'American-made'

Posted on Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at 10:25:26 AM

What classifies a vehicle as "American-made?" Across the country, many buyers with an interest in affordable auto financing and a new vehicle have differing opinions about what a manufacturer needs to do to earn that distinction.

According to an survey, 59 percent of consumers feel that "American-made" requires a manufacturing process taking place in the U.S. However, 16 percent believe that a car can be "American-made" regardless of where it is built as long as it is produced by a U.S.-based company. 

Even with these trends, there is a declining focus on American-made vehicles. AutoTrader reported that younger buyers today don't care as much as their older counterparts. As a result, current auto sales are barely influenced by this distinction.

In fact, these sales have been relatively strong as of late. According to Kelley Blue Book, new car prices are on the rise, and manufacturers from Honda to Ford have posted good numbers.

"Most major automakers showed positive growth for June 2014, as the market continues to shift toward utility vehicles this year," said Alec Gutierrez, senior analyst for Kelley Blue Book. "SUV and crossover share increased more than two percentage points in 2014 to comprise one-third of the market."