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Ford claims top spot as 'Most American' manufacturer

Posted on Monday, June 30, 2014 at 7:31:34 AM

For buyers interested in affordable auto financing and a great new vehicle, choosing the right ride can be challenging due to the wide range of potential options, from cars made here in the U.S. to those manufactured abroad.

According to's recent American-Made Index, the "Most American" vehicle on the road now is the Ford F-150, made using a majority of domestic parts, assembled in the U.S. and sold primarily in this country. Close behind on the list were selections from Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet and Dodge. The rise of more non-U.S. companies is new to this year, as many manufacturers turn to foreign parts.

"This is a drastic shift from the past," said Patrick Olsen, editor-in-chief of "For several years, there was a pretty even split between domestic and foreign automakers on the list. For the past two years, three GM crossovers made up about 30 percent of the list, however they've dropped below the requisite domestic parts content and, as a result, Toyota and Honda really dominate."

In addition, Kelley Blue Book reported that Ford may even witness declining sales. In June, the company experienced a year-over-year sales decrease of 7.2 percent. This is likely due to changes to its factories and manufacturing process.