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Home improvement spending takes aim at outdoor spaces

Posted on Friday, June 13, 2014 at 8:17:54 AM

The spring and summer is often the ideal time to acquire home improvement financing, as the weather starts to finally improve and more homeowners are looking to spruce up their properties in anticipation of the warmest months.

According to Zillow, the focus this year is on outdoor spaces, as 68 percent of remodelers want to undertake a renovation outside. That figure was only 40 percent last year. Specifically, projects will focus around open-air living rooms, outdoor seating and subtle color changes.

In addition to the emphasis on outdoor living spaces, homeowners are also willing to spend more money on their next project, Zillow reported. Summer remodeling budgets have increased to $1,000 on median, a 100 percent increase on a yearly basis.

With this uptick in home improvement activity outside, it may be best to update a few key areas to improve the overall value of the property. According to the DIY Network, homeowners should ensure that their gutters and downspouts are in great working order. A problem here can damage the home and get in the way of additional improvement projects that may be taking place outside.