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May is the perfect month for home improvement projects

Posted on Friday, May 2, 2014 at 12:36:01 PM

For many homeowners, May could be the perfect month to dig into some of the home improvement projects that have fallen by the wayside. The temperatures are heating up, and with nicer weather it can be easier to spend some of that home improvement financing on the next renovation.

Professional contractor Mark Clement explained that May is National Home Improvement Month, and taking this time to spruce up curb appeal should help increase the property's equity and attract additional visitors. He stressed the importance of a sound roof, free of flapping shingles. In addition, the gutters should also be assessed so that all rain water is properly drained away from the home.

"Begin by checking out the appearance and functionality of your roof, siding, windows, trim and doors," said Clement. "Look for products that are worn out, need repair or re-painting, or simply should be replaced. Tackling these projects in May means you'll have more time to enjoy the results and a carefree summer."

In addition, Zillow noted that good curb appeal can help make a sale go smoother. Nice, well-kept properties often fetch higher asking prices, and they'll attract more people during open houses. That first impression can often make or break the entire sale, so it is worth it to fix up the home before listing it on the market.