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Home improvement trends for 2014

Posted on Monday, December 23, 2013 at 10:21:46 AM

The new year can be the perfect time for homeowners to spend some home improvement financing, with a variety of tempting options available from kitchen remodels to a new addition.

According to RealtyTimes, there are a number of improvement trends taking hold in 2014. For example, the color blue could become popular next year - more specifically, navy. Many homeowners have also put some color back on walls. In years past, neutral tones were preferred, but that has shifted to darker hues.

Technology has also become more widespread in real estate, the news source noted. Some wall outlets now come with USB ports to charge tablets and smartphones, and seamless integration has found its way into more homes.

In addition to these 2014 trends, many people may be tempted to use home improvement financing in order to winterize a property. According to Popular Mechanics, this season is the perfect time to find any leaks and drafts in order to reduce energy bills. The attic, ceiling, ductwork and foundation could all be sources of lost heat. 

Simple solutions exist, from caulking and weatherstripping to added insulation. Overall, homeowners may undertake more renovation projects for the new year.