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Auto financing ideal for energy-conscious vehicle buyers

Posted on Monday, November 18, 2013 at 10:46:31 AM

Consumers are fans of the "green" vehicle. According to a survey conducted by The Association for Convenience and Fuel Rating, 62 percent of respondents want more hybrid-electric options on the road over the next decade. In addition, these participants want to buy them, as well - thanks in part to a strong desire to save money.

Auto financing could provide the means to choose energy-efficiency while shopping for a new car. Recently, Home Loan Investment Bank's Christine Dikdan shared some expert advice about how to capitalize on "green" vehicles, or find fuel economy among more standard options.

According to Dikdan, hybrids can be a great decision for vehicle shoppers as long as they do a lot of driving. However, this may be the only way that the larger up-front sticker price is worth the investment. When it comes to the next great alternative fuel vehicle, creative marketing has piqued a lot of consumers' interests. She added that the innovation wheel keeps on rolling, and the market is constantly shifting.

When it comes to saving money, oftentimes planning ahead is the best possible course of action, certainly when using auto financing.

"Research and homework on both vehicle energy savings and vehicle total cost - along with a thorough pro's and con's list - and an added dose of financial common sense should put potential buyers on the best road for them," said Dikdan.

However, "green" vehicles aren't the only option for buyers with auto financing. A number of choices combine fuel efficiency with innovative features - and a smaller price tag - for everyone.

"The smaller economy vehicles that are streamlined in body style will do the trick," she explained. "All vehicles have a mileage per gallon for both city and highway driving. If you take a look at many of the body styles in the past couple of years, streamlining has been a large focus with manufactured design across lines."

Today, vehicle style has changed, but buyers can still find exactly what they're looking for.

"Say 'bye bye' to the boxy for a bit, but keep in mind they will probably bring the boxy back at some point," added Dikdan. "Bell bottom pants came back - they just now call them flare leg. Compare, shop, decide, buy - and drive! In a few years, we will probably have some additional new and interesting vehicle styles to keep the 'wow' going!"