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Specialized, technological homes gain popularity

Posted on Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 11:15:32 AM

As the housing market improves, remodeling trends shift. Now, more homeowners are focusing on specialized rooms integrating more technology into their design.

Home improvement financing is a great way for many property owners to make renovations and changes to their houses. For people looking to take advantage of current consumer desires, following the biggest trends in 2013 might be a solid method to boost home equity.

Residential architects are reporting a growing interest in customized, specific rooms and technology, according to the American Institute of Architects. Homeowners are requesting outdoor living spaces, mud rooms and even safe rooms.

During the housing downturn, consumers focused on affordability and functionality, the news source noted. As the economy picks up momentum, extra funds and more secure finances mean people are looking into expansion. That includes specialized rooms, and technologically-savvy home features.

However, one trend that hasn't changed is emphasis on energy efficiency. Many upgrades have been made with this in mind, and cost-effective renovations are still desirable.

Owners with home improvement financing may want to focus on technological integration into their properties, according to HGTV Remodels. This means that a house's components - like lighting, heating and security - can be accessed with one single device. This technology makes life easier, and may also be more attractive when trying to sell a home.