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Home improvement financing can help make the perfect summer renovations

Posted on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at 3:43:37 PM

Homeowners are always looking for new and exciting upgrades for their properties, but during the summer more people are planning projects than in other months.  

With the help of home improvement financing and warmer weather, this summer has become an ideal time to spruce up the yard or introduce glass elements into a bathroom, according to the 2013 Zillow Digs Summer Home Improvement Trend and Spending Survey

Home Loan Investment Bank's Brian Harvey recommended a few perfect summer renovations a homeowner may consider making. 

"While most home improvements can be executed regardless of the season or location of the home, there are certain projects that lend themselves to the seasons," Harvey explained. "Many home improvement projects can be moisture and temperature sensitive - such as interior and exterior painting, and those projects involving the use of adhesives like flooring and tile. Ideal projects for the summer months typically include updating and upgrading the insulation to your home."

Adding insulation in the right places - such as attics and crawlspaces - can save on the winter's energy bills, according to the Department of Energy. That makes it a smart upgrade before the temperature drops.

"This can be a relatively cost effective improvement, which will help prepare the home for heating efficiency in the fall and winter months," added Harvey.

A homeowner shouldn't spend home improvement financing solely on the interior. Outside a home might need attention, as well. 

"Projects that depend on ground temperature are also better suited to be tackled in the spring and summer," said Harvey. "Installing a fence and rebuilding or adding a deck is better suited as a summer home improvement, because in most areas the ground is frozen and unmanageable to properly install these projects."

Weather can have an effect on even the toughest surfaces, too.

"The same holds true projects involving concrete, mortar or asphalt  - such as foundation repairs, pouring a concrete patio or walkway or an asphalt driveway," Harvey added. "The fall and winter months have the potential to not allow for adequate drying of the materials because the moisture level in the air could be too high."

Great summer renovations are made easier with home improvement financing from HLIB. Making changes when the weather is nice also may affect price, and choosing to do things now can help a homeowner save money.

"Some ordinary home improvement projects such as replacing siding and windows are standard summer projects," said Harvey. "This is peak season for home improvements and it may not be the most cost effective timing for your budget. Because of supply and demand the cost of materials would be expected to be at an annual high, and planning these projects for middle to late spring or early fall might just have a better impact on your bottom line."