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HLIB offers auto loans for everyone, as energy-efficient vehicle sales represent variety of options

Posted on Monday, July 15, 2013 at 1:13:50 PM

Sales of energy-efficient vehicles are continuing to rise, with record numbers being logged in May. A total of 14 percent more hybrids have been sold in the last year in comparison to the year prior.

Cars are constantly evolving, and new technologies and components are making each year's model more exciting than the last. With so many different types of cars on the road, financing might appear tricky, but at Home Loan Investment Bank there aren't any restrictions to choosing the best loan for every sort of vehicle.

"Loan options are the same for all vehicles types as well as motorcycles at HLIB, which is a good thing. Although energy efficient vehicles offer savings on energy and gas - not all borrowers are looking for that," said Christine Dikdan, the company's auto lending representative. "So our construction borrower looking for a truck to get the job done or our weekend rider looking for a Harley all have the same opportunities for financing a ride with us."

In addition, a variety of vehicle options for buyers means making the right auto financing choice is that much more important. 

"HLIB also offers the same loan options for borrowers looking to refinance their auto loans or motorcycle loans," added Dikdan. "Borrowers do this for many reasons - HLIB may be able to lower a borrower's rate or payment rate if the original loan was placed at a subprime lender originally and their credit has improved over time."

Therefore, car owners should take a look at every detail when deciding on an auto loan from HLIB.

"Sometimes a borrower may be looking to extend an existing loan term to lower the monthly payment, which depending on the year of your vehicle can sometimes be accommodated," said Dikdan. "I do not necessarily recommend the latter unless financially necessary. Lastly, a borrower may be looking to add another person or borrower to the loan. This may be done to help a younger borrower establish credit or a borrower with less than perfect credit in the past and now has improved their situation. HLIB is customer service focused. We strive to meet the financial need of our customers - so if you simply want to refinance because you do not like the way a loan is presently being handled - contact us today."