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The affordable choice: Roof repair or replacement?

Posted on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at 8:42:53 AM

To repair or replace? Many homeowners are faced with this difficult decision when it comes to their roof. A home improvement loan can help, but choosing what to do with that money is the tough choice. 

Spencer Tait, general manager of Tait Roofing, said he believes that some homeowners are replacing the entire roof when they could repair instead, according to Remodeling magazine. Costs for roof repairs can range from $5,000 to $20,000.

Deciding which route to go depends on several factors, such as identifying the problem and comparing the long-term cost of repair against the price of replacement. 

Each element of a roof factors in to the overall cost. The measurements are one of the largest factors, as are the materials. The cost of a shingle has nearly doubled over the last 10 years, said Ken Kelly of Kelly Roofing. Any overhangs, chimneys, vents, and layers will also adjust the total price of a roof repair or replacement. 

Some roofing specialists don't repair, they instead focus on replacement. It is beneficial for homeowners to find a company that provides repairs, as well, Remodeling magazine stated. 

Home Loan Investment Bank can provide home improvement financing to help most people afford a roof repair or replacement. The smart choice is determining which route to go.