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Tesla petition takes on other auto makers

Posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 at 4:07:03 PM

A petition supporting Tesla Motor Company has recently crossed the 100,000 signature mark, mandating a response from the Obama administration.

The argument is centered around the fact that Tesla's business model involves direct to consumer sales, circumventing state legislation requiring cars to be sold through franchised dealerships, according to a CNN Money report. The petition on supports Tesla, stating that states shouldn't be able to stop the electric car from being sold to customers, and that the auto dealership and state objections are only be voiced because of the fear of competition.

While the opinions are debatable, the numbers are in, and electric car manufacturers are doing well. According to the Daily Beast, three motor companies make up almost 75 percent of electric car sales in the United States. Tesla is one of them, along with Nissan and Chevrolet. Each of those three automakers have posted profits for 2013, while Tesla's stock price has tripled this year, the report stated.

For people interested in buying a new car, auto financing in order to acquire a Tesla might be a good decision. The car nearly received a perfect Consumer Reports score in May.

"Clearly, if democracy was working properly and the legislators were implementing the will of the people, something else would be happening," said Elon Musk, Tesla CEO. "There would not be legislation trying to artificially restrict direct sales."