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Home design trends: simple improvements

Posted on Tuesday, July 2, 2013 at 2:49:06 PM

So far in 2013, new homes are being built with an emphasis on simple, clean designs. With a focus on neutral colors, simple prints and rustic touches, homes are moving away from the previous, flashier trends. These changes in designs are appealing to many buyers, and they can be incorporated into current homes as well. Home improvement financing can be a perfect solution to increase a home's value, and bring in some of the most current home trends.

Design styles used to favor the bold and ornate, but not anymore. According to consumer research by Pulte Homes, many buyers prefer moodier colors and simpler prints and textures.

"In years past, bold colors, ornate designs and expansive floor plans ruled the day. But today's homeowners are more focused on creating a soft modern feeling with a comfortable, casual and unfussy experience," said Janice Jones, vice president of merchandising for PulteGroup, Inc.

Home owners who are interested in home improvement financing to keep up with trends should consider doing the renovations themselves. Contractors can be expensive, and providing the labor can leave more money for upgrades. Buy the right amount of materials, and spend a little extra to get the necessary quality.

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