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Enhancing your house to better accommodate older adults

Posted on Friday, June 7, 2013 at 1:44:35 PM

Though many consumers may purchase property to gain independence from their parents, some often end up welcoming older family members into their homes as they age and require more attention. Senior housing facilities nationwide offer tenants a high level of care, however, rising costs and flagging inventory levels have deterred many baby boomers entering retirement to choose this option.

Individuals preparing to welcome their parents or elderly relatives into their house can make the space more accommodating by incorporating the following changes which can be made with the assistance of home improvement financing:

Improving lighting fixtures
As senior citizens typically have poor eyesight, installing lights which take high wattage bulbs may help older adults to see things around the house more clearly. This can decrease their risk of tripping over furniture or down stairs and sustaining a damaging fall.

Open floor plan
Many modern homes with sophisticated design elements have open layouts which enhance mobility between different areas of a residence, but this can also be beneficial to elderly inhabitants. Widening halls and doorways, and replacing steps with inclines are great ways to prepare a space for a senior occupant. 

Current homeowners looking to make these modifications to their properties can find the funds necessary to finance such work though home improvement loans.