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Beware of hidden fees associated with rental cars

Posted on Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at 5:17:55 PM

Every day, thousands of Americans shell out hundreds of dollars to borrow one of the used vehicles owned by car rental companies. While this can be convenient for individuals who are traveling or those in dire need of transportation, it isn't very economical - and a number of hidden fees can leave renters with a large hole in their savings account.

In order to avoid exorbitant charges while driving a rented automobile, consumers should be on the lookout for the following sources of hidden fees

Gasoline costs
If rental car companies have to add fuel to the gas tank after to return the vehicle, they may charge you a fee on top of drastically inflated gasoline prices. 

GPS rentals
In addition to the automobile, companies offer the rental of a global positioning system device. However, consumers can bring along their own GPS or use their smartphone to navigate.

Mileage fees
When renting the car, some companies may want to impose a limit on mileage. If drivers surpass this number, they could get slammed with overage fines. 

Consumers who find themselves regularly renting automobiles to commute to their place of employment or to special occasions may want to consider purchasing a car instead of paying high rates to borrow one. By taking advantage of auto financing opportunities from a trusted lending source, drivers can easily purchase the automobile which best suits their lifestyle and begin saving money.