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Countertop materials to enhance a home's interior design, purchase price

Posted on Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 6:01:28 PM

One of the most popular home improvement projects consumers have decided to undertake in recent years has been the inclusion of countertops made of rare materials in their homes' kitchens and bathrooms.

This update - which can easily be completed by qualified construction professionals with the assistance of home improvement loans - can not only improve the appearance of the living space, but also heighten the price a property can fetch if they decide to list their house on the market.

The following materials are the most popular choices for modern countertop remodels:

Quartz - This mineral provides a non-porous surface which boasts antibacterial protection. Though it comes in a consistent color, a number of different patterns can be incorporated during installation.

Granite - Arguably the most popular countertop option, this rock is available in a range of colors. Resistant to heat, stains and scratches, this material is extremely durable - and perfect for young families. However, it often comes with higher price tags.

Wood block - Installing solid wood countertops can add a rustic aesthetic to living areas. However, this surface is susceptible to heat and scratches, so it requires a considerable about of regular upkeep.

While these materials are all expensive, property owners can pay for work by obtaining home improvement financing and realize a significant return on their investment when the house is sold to new owners.