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Incorporating a master closet can boost property values, buyer interest

Posted on Monday, June 3, 2013 at 5:15:47 PM

Each year, trends in the national housing market typically come and go without generating much attention. However, one amenity which has been garnering a considerable amount of interest among consumers is the master closet.

Utilizing home improvement financing and savvy construction professionals, homeowners can incorporate the expansive closets with the following features into their home - effectively boosting their quality of life and organizational habits.

Overhead lighting
As most closets are interior rooms with no windows, lights are typically necessary. While some individuals may rather install wall-mounted light fixtures, incorporating recessed overhead lighting can give master closets a refined and sophisticated appearance.

Folding island
The inclusion of a portable countertop or permanent installation which affords homeowners a surface for folding clean clothes can add to the convenience of their closet. Enabling them to fold garments and put them away immediately can expedite the process of doing laundry and cuts down on the time needed to organize drawers.

Proper ventilation
Garments that are put away while wet or harboring intrusive odors can cause other clothes to smell or diminish in quality over time. Using home improvement loans to add a ventilation system will ensure that consumer's favorite items of clothing are kept in good shape for longer, as they will not be suffer the effects of stale air.