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Features which can effectively improve outdoor patio space

Posted on Friday, May 24, 2013 at 12:28:37 PM

With warmer temperatures becoming more prevalent and the summer season right around the corner, an increasing number of consumers may be planning on spending a substantial amount of time outside. Individuals who own residential properties which include a patio, terrace, porch or other outdoor living space, can benefit from improving the exterior feature, as it affords them an additional area to entertain friends and could result in the appreciation of the house's resale value. 

By taking advantage of home improvement financing opportunities and incorporating the following amenities, homeowners can enhance their patios significantly.

Exterior kitchen
Running a property's electrical and plumbing systems to outdoor spaces can enable individuals to cook and entertain outside. This update increases the amount of livable square footage a house boasts and may attract many prospective home buyers. 

Fire pit
These amenities are slightly more primitive than exterior kitchens. Fire pits afford homeowners an area for a controlled blaze, which offer warmth and opportunities for cooking - whether it be steaks, hot dogs or marshmallows. Individuals can install a permanent fire pit using stone and concrete pavers, or purchase a prefabricated, portable one made of metal.

Special lighting
Incorporating unique lighting fixtures can substantially improve the look of an outdoor area. Solar-powered lanterns provide illumination without increasing the electrical bill and fiber-optic options can add light to seldom seen space.