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Ensuring gas caps are tightly secured can save consumers money, fuel

Posted on Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at 10:52:46 AM

Everyday, millions of drivers across the country visit gas stations and fill up their automobiles with fuel in order to power the machines and keep them in top working condition. 

While there are a number of tactics and strategies consumers can employ to use less gasoline while traveling, one of the easiest ways to prevent waste is ensuring the car's gas cap is tightly secured before hitting the road. According to, about 147 million gallons of gas are evaporated each year due to loose, cracked or missing gas caps.

Luckily, the issue can be quickly be repaired - for cheap. The average gas cap costs less than $10 and is easily attached to an automobile's gas tank. Parts can be ordered online or bought through auto part stores with the help of auto financing and the procedure can be completed over the course of an afternoon, depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

While this fix may be made by car owners with little knowledge of vehicle, most repairs should be left to the professional mechanics at car service centers. Individuals neglecting to schedule maintenance because of the possibility they'll have to pay high prices can find financial assistance in Home Loan Investment Bank, which offers clients a wide variety of auto finance opportunities.