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Tips for maintaining an automobile's value

Posted on Friday, May 17, 2013 at 3:43:35 PM

Though some drivers may worry that their car could significantly lose value the longer they own it, there are a number of preventative measures they can employ to maintain a high resale price.

By incorporating the following practices into daily life, individuals hoping to help their vehicle retain value can successfully do so.

Use as infrequently as possible
One of the most important selling points for used vehicles is its mileage. Generally, buyers will pay more if the car has been driven just few hundred or thousand miles. Unnecessary use can not only result in wear-and-tear, but can lead drivers to realize less profit during a subsequent sale.

Refrain from smoking, eating, drinking
Though automobiles offer a considerable amount of convenience to owners, those drivers looking to sell their car in the future should be careful not to drink, eat or smoke while inside the vehicle. Smoke can leave behind an unsavory scent, drinking can inadvertently lead to spills which stain, and eating can attract bugs and pests who can make a meal off of the crumbs.

Have regular maintenance performed
This is the most effective way to ensure an automobile retains its value during ownership. Any issues - large or small - can be repaired by a qualified professional and ensure the car stays in top condition longer. Those worried that regular maintenance may be expensive can find assistance through automotive financing from Home Loan Investment Bank.