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Building a personal garden can save and make homeowners money

Posted on Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 6:30:33 PM

Though many consumers view their backyards as green space designated for recreation and the occasional camp-out, some choose to utilize home improvement financing and put the land to work. 

The incorporation of a large garden can find individuals increased savings, as well as possible hikes in income, because of the following benefits.

Lowered food costs
Due to the fact property owners can grow their own produce, fewer trips can be taken to the grocery store, and less money can be spend during each visit. Depending on the location, individuals may be able to grow a wide variety of both fruits and vegetables - which may costs a significant amount at the market. 

Opportunity for additional revenue
By joining a farmers market, or simply selling produce via roadside stands, homeowners can potentially supplement their income. Health-conscious consumers could pay top dollar for organic vegetables and fruits grown in a nearby area. 

Improved health
Because individuals can grow fresh food, they may benefit from improved health conditions. In addition, spending time outside and tending the the garden regularly is an effective form of low-impact exercise. Being outdoors is generally good for individuals' respiratory systems. 

House owners looking to build their own garden can purchase the necessary tools and equipment using money afforded through home improvement loans from a trusted lending company, such as Home Loan Investment Bank.