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How to properly maintain outdoor decks during warmer months

Posted on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 5:46:30 PM

Those consumers who chose to obtain in home improvement financing and construct an exterior deck may enjoy the increased living space they're afforded, however, some may  be unsure of how to properly care for and protect their investment. Decks need to be maintained during the months they receive the most use.

Homeowners hoping to enhance the look of their deck and preserve its character can benefit by employing the following actions during spring and summer.

Pressure washing
Using a high-powered professional tool to blast away the dirt and mold which has accumulated during autumn and winter can leave a deck looking like new, although caution should be exercised, as too much water may compromise the structural integrity of some wood.

Thoroughly sealing
After consumers have cleaned the grunge off of their deck, they should allow the material to fully dry, and then apply a layer of sealant or protective stain. This can preserve the wood's vitality, and also add an attractive color. 

Continually inspecting
Once the structure has been cared for, it's important homeowners periodically perform spot-checks on certain areas to ensure the deck is in good condition.

Those consumers who are interesting in obtaining financial assistance for the maintenance of their outdoor deck may benefit from applying for home improvement loans from a trusted lender like Home Loan Investment Bank.