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Wallpaper projects that can boost a home's interior appeal

Posted on Monday, May 6, 2013 at 2:06:29 PM

When queried, many homeowners may say wallpaper is a interior design fad from years past. However, some savvy consumers might tell of the numerous uses and improvement opportunities the material still offers.

Though it may seem antiquated compared to a bucket of vibrant paint, wallpaper can add an attractive dimension to multiple rooms in both modern and classic houses. The following projects can be easily completed by property owners, or by qualified professionals with the assistance of home improvement financing. 

Framed focal points
Attaching a colorful print to a wooden board and framing the piece with intricate molding can create a unique piece of art. Making a number of these items and hanging them in different rooms can give a house's design scheme a heightened degree of continuity. 

Updated doors
If a consumer is tired of looking at the monochromatic doorways of their house, cutting wallpaper to size and attaching multiple shapes to a door's paneling can give the portal a modern, personalized look which can be changed as often as the seasons.

Architectural features
A formal dining room can be made to look even more opulent by creating multi-layer wall features using wallpaper and molding. A number of small patterns, or a few large designs can improve the look of an interior room.