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Tips for preventing the theft of a catalytic converter

Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2013 at 4:34:53 PM

Catalytic converters are typically expensive, time-consuming repairs automobile drivers need to make periodically - but in recent years, have been the target of lowly criminals. The device converts engine pollutants into less invasive emissions, and is forged with precious metals such as platinum palladium and rhodium. Thieves have been observed stealing the item for its salvage value, although they are an integral part of a vehicle's interior systems.

In order to better protect their cars from such acts of larceny, consumers can benefit by taking the following precautions.

Park in well-lit areas
If using a automobile during the nighttime hours, individuals should be careful to leave their cars in an area that is highly visible and well-lit. This can deter would-be thieves from attempting to steal the valuable component. 

Lock garages, storage areas
Criminals often work under the cover of night, so when drivers are done using their vehicle for the day, they should be sure to lock their car, as well as the structure it is located in. If an automobile is usually kept outside, incorporating a motion-activated lighting fixture could keep thieves at bay. 

Consumers whose catalytic converter wears out, or is stolen, can have the necessary repairs made quickly with the help of auto financing from a trusted lending company, such as Home Loan Investment Bank.