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Updating staircases incorporates color, allows customization

Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2013 at 9:00:50 AM

While many homeowners may use their staircases to travel between upper and lower levels of their house multiple times a day, some do not stop to consider the possibility for updating the functional feature. With the assistance of home improvement financing, there are a number of ways consumers can modernize a stairway and breathe new life into an otherwise drab area of their property.

Customize stair treads
Switching out existing treads - the surface which individuals come in immediate contact with when using stairs - with unique materials like wood or rustic metals can drastically improve the overall appearance of a staircase.

Decorate riser panels
A great way to infuse color into stairs is incorporating a number of designs on the vertical backing which the stair treads rest upon, known as risers. Using interesting wallpapers, or painting the surfaces bold colors, can liven up the interior appeal of a house.

Taking the project one step further, homeowners can transform the unused space behind risers into storage by installing drawers.

Utilize carpet runners
Carpeting can be installed along the length of the stairway, affording individuals a heightened sense of safety and adding 
an elegant characteristic to the feature.

While these modifications can easily be completed by savvy property owners, many may want to consider obtaining home improvement loans for the purchase of materials and payment of a qualified construction professional.