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Installing fencing can benefit homeowners

Posted on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at 3:40:07 PM

For any homeowner looking to improve their property, including a residential fence may afford a number of advantages. Installing a stylish barrier with the assistance of home improvement financing can improve individuals' privacy and security, as well as attract potential buyers and bring heightened purchase offers.

Those consumers planning to incorporate a fence on their property can enjoy the following benefits:


  • While some municipalities enforce different regulations, most fences on the sides and backsides of properties are allowed to be six-feet tall, which allow homeowners to comfortably spend time outdoors without fear of being watched.
  • Additionally, there is less risk of neighbors being able to see into their homes during the nighttime hours when interior rooms are illuminated.

Security and safety

  • Along with limiting exposure and increasing privacy, fences also act as an effective security measure - keeping both uninvited guests and dangerous animals out of the vicinity of homeowners. 
  • Some properties, like those which include a swimming pool, are required to be enclosed by fencing, to prevent the potential of unsupervised children falling in or domestic pets drowning.

Enhanced aesthetic

  • White picket fences have long been imagined as part of the "American dream," but fencing has grown to include a number of attractive designs and styles using a multitude of different materials.
  • Residential barriers can be constructed to homeowner specifications, and built to match the exterior features of the house. Hedges, trees and other natural features that create a barrier can be considered fences.

Though there are a number of benefits homeowners can enjoy from installing a fence, it is generally a good idea for consumers to discuss the project with neighbors who own adjoining property, as they may be affected by the installation of a barrier. The following issues should be broached before any construction begins:

Property lines

  • During the conceptual stages, accurate property lines should be researched and clearly defined. Original blueprints and measurements should be acquired. This can prevent costly mistakes during installation and mitigate potential confusion and aggravation associated with the placement of the fence. 

Zoning regulations

  • A visit should be made to the local zoning office to obtain the municipality's code early in the planning process. Some areas have certain limitations on home improvements, including height variances and stipulations regarding design. Paying for materials and installation, only to have to remove the fence because of improper placement or extenuating violations can wreak havoc on individuals' bank accounts, as well as relationships with neighbors.
Homeowners who may be unsure of their ability to afford fencing can find the funds necessary through home improvement loans from Home Loan Investment Bank.