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Consumers can benefit from timing a car purchase

Posted on Monday, April 15, 2013 at 10:06:51 AM

Individuals looking to find the best deal when purchasing a car may not only advantage by strategically shopping at competing dealerships, but also by doing so at certain times of year. Vehicle discounts can typically be found when consumer demand is low for varying reasons, leading dealers to take proactive actions to clear their lot. 

Those who shop for automobiles during the following times may see their auto financing loans stretch further.

Early springtime
As the winter season ends, and areas that experience heavy snowfall again see clear roadways and high temperatures, an increasing number of drivers look to commute to work by walking, riding a bicycle or using public transit. Because of the lowered sale numbers, may dealers decrease sale prices as well.

Early autumn
Fall is usually the season when the following years' new car models are released to the public, therefore dating the most recent vehicles. In hopes of making room for the new automobiles, many dealerships offer considerable deals to customers during this time. Generally, as the end of the year approaches, prices sink substantially lower. 

Consumers looking to purchase a pre-owned vehicle may benefit from taking advantage of the financial assistance afforded through used care financing from the trusted lending company Home Loan Investment Bank.