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Solar tubes benefit homeowners a number of ways

Posted on Friday, April 12, 2013 at 3:07:50 PM

Although skylights have long been regarded as an effective way to shed natural light on interior rooms, installing solar tubes may be a better alternative worthy of consumer consideration. The inexpensive metal cylinders with a polished interior surface range in size from 10- to 14-inches and can produce a substantial amount of light in concentrated areas.

Homeowners considering making a home improvement should entertain the idea of solar tubes, as they provide a number of the following benefits and can bring a heightened resale property value.

Highly effective
Even the smallest size of solar tube offered is able to naturally provide enough light a 200-square-foot space during daytime hours, boasting the power of three 100-watt bulbs. The largest tube offered can reportedly illuminate about 300 square feet. The tubes can be installed at an angle or vertically by a savvy homeowner over the course of a few hours.

Relatively inexpensive
Solar tube installation kits can be purchased for about $200 per unit and typically 
be installed by a qualified professional for an additional $300. The average cost of a skylight installation is believed to be about $2,000, as the project requires a heightened level of skill and generally takes longer.

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