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The consumer benefits of installing smart meters

Posted on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 12:40:36 PM

As some energy companies heighten their rates for usage, many consumers may continue to search for new ways to reduce their power consumption and cut costs. Aside from efficient lighting features and low-flow water fixtures, a good way for individuals to control the amount of energy they utilize is with a smart meter.

These devices are similar to traditional meters, however, they greatly benefit consumers because they allow for the real-time monitoring and instant reporting of usage levels.

Increased ability to control cost
Despite their best efforts to lower the thermostat when they leave their house and turn off lights when they exit a room, some consumers are unpleasantly surprised with their monthly utility bills. Installing a smart meter enables individuals to track their energy consumption hourly, and attempt to reduce charges.

Simple reporting of usage levels
Because power companies can receive updates in real-time, many implement time-based rates, which charge customer more money for use during peak periods, and offer reduced prices at off-peak times. Because of this, consumers can make conscious, strategic attempts at controlling their use and associated costs.

In order to pay for a smart meter and the labor costs for installation by a certified electrician, individuals can procure home improvement financing from a trusted lending company, such as Home Loan Investment Bank.