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Strategies for planning the addition of garage space

Posted on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at 3:11:14 PM

Recently, a popular project many consumers have chosen to undertake in hopes of seeing their property values increase is the construction of a garage - both attached and free-standing. The addition can afford homeowners increased storage, additional living space as well as a place for car owners to put their vehicles, and can be easily paid for with the assistance of home improvement financing.

While the structure can be built over the course of a few days, the planning process may take longer to complete. Homeowners looking to have a garage erected on their property should consider a number of factors and take the following steps to realize their desire.

Learn of area laws, regulations
States, cities and towns can all have varying ordinances on new construction, and it's important consumers research the differences before starting any work. Existing height regulations may limit building dimensions.

Research optimal layouts
A multitude of construction firms offer blueprints for garages ranging in size, and include plans for additional entry points, windows, lighting fixtures and plumbing. Once the regulations have been determined, homeowners should carefully consider what they want out of the addition.

Hire trustworthy contractors
When preparing to have construction professionals build a planned structure, it's important to evaluate their credibility, and how their rates will fit into the home improvement loans that have been secured. Garage additions can bring heightened property values, but shouldn't cause consumers to experience financial strain.