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Small steps towards saving on vehicle costs can add up

Posted on Tuesday, April 2, 2013 at 9:18:15 AM

When consumers enter the car buying market, many look to obtain auto financing to help purchase a vehicle, but few continuously employ money-saving strategies after driving away from the dealership. Because automobiles often cause their owners to incur more costs than just the sticker price, those individuals who proactively attempt to prevent future expenses may be able to spend less during their time of ownership.

Schedule regular maintenance
Though it can seem costly up front, consumers who regularly have their vehicle regularly examined by mechanics can pay less in car repair, as they won't encounter many expensive issues.

Get the most value out of ownership
Some consumers find themselves trading in vehicles often, constantly updating the make and model of the car they drive - and spending extra money. Those who own the automobile for multiple years and keep it in good condition can spend less and still fetch a handsome trade-in price.

Perform quick fixes
Though qualified professionals should handle the larger repairs, many drivers can save money by changing their own oil and replacing air filters. Periodically checking fluid levels can also help consumers avoid costly fixes in the future.

Those consumers who decide to increase the amount they save by purchasing a pre-owned vehicle can benefit from researching opportunities for used car financing from Home Loan Investment Bank.