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Finished basements can bring homeowners higher property value, personal benefits

Posted on Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 11:50:38 AM

As spring approaches, many homeowners may start to consider making improvements to their houses in hopes of increasing its resale value. While a number of modifications may not boost a property's value, remodeling unfinished basements often afford consumers a significant financial return on the work, as well as a number of personal benefits.

Increased square-footage
Furnishing a basement can see the inclusion of additional bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces to a residence's total square footage. This not only allows for increased activity in different areas of the house, but can be very attractive to potential buyers and cause the home's price to appreciate. Homeowners can enjoy additional areas for entertaining, or accommodating visiting friends and family members.

Added degree of safety, convenience
?Becuase it is generally recommended individuals seek shelter in basements during extreme weather, finished underground living quarters can provide comfort in otherwise unsettling times. Also, the added entry point allows for an additional exit during emergency situations. If a homeowner chooses, they could rent out the space as its own apartment and enjoy an added source of regular income.

Homeowners considering such benefits and planning to finish their basement can fund construction with the use of home improvement financing from Home Loan Investment Bank, a trusted authority for  residential lending opportunities.