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How consumers can ensure they're hiring a reputable contractor

Posted on Thursday, March 21, 2013 at 3:32:24 PM

Upon deciding to remodel an area of their home, consumers often secure home improvement financing and begin examining different contractors to complete the work. Many construction professionals boast years of experience and qualified skills, however, a number of disreputable contractors may look for the opportunity to steal homeowners' money.

Those consumers who are aware of the tell-tale signs of predatory individuals and organizations may have a better chance at avoiding the financial strain and personal distress associated with hiring the wrong contractor. 

Ask probing questions
Because there are a number of aspects to each construction job, a multitude of questions should be asked before any agreements are reached. Consumers should inquire about timelines, price quotes and payment options. Contractors that give confusing answers and make extravagant promises may be untrustworthy.

Investigate customer reviews, credibility
Some of the most telling information about a contractor comes from former clients. Homeowners should do some research on the construction professionals they are considering hiring before signing any contracts. Reputable contractors normally don't need to solicit door-to-door or pressure potential customers into making decisions, so consumers should be wary of those that do.

Once a reputable contractor has been decided upon, consumers can find a variety of residential lending options offered by Home Loan Investment Bank, a trusted lender with many satisfied customers.