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Replacing an oil furnace with one which uses gas can save homeowners money

Posted on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 3:59:25 PM

As spring-like temperatures become increasingly prevalent in many areas of the country, some consumers may be heating their homes less and considering ways to save on next winter's utility costs.

For first time home buyers, purchasing a house outfitted with a gas furnace can help save money on utility costs. For current homeowners, obtaining home improvement financing to make the change can see the addition pay for itself inside of a decade. The benefits of gas furnaces are many.

Managed easily 
If a homeowner should require more of the fossil fuel mid-season, gas utility companies can immediately send them more through existing gas lines found in many neighborhoods. Oil furnace owners are tasked with calling their provider when they run out, then must wait until a large delivery truck with a long hose can come pump gallons of the expensive fuel into their tanks.

Increases savings
Though gas furnaces may be more expensive to buy than oil furnaces, they cost less to use, as the inexpensive natural gas can save homeowners hundreds of dollars each season. Within about five years, the total cost of purchasing and installation could be realized in saved funds, while consumers are not forced to sacrifice their level of comfort.