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Home improvement tips for preparing for springtime

Posted on Friday, March 15, 2013 at 10:27:08 AM

With winter weather becoming less imposing in some areas of the country, springtime is just around the corner for many consumers.

With rising temperatures, a number homeowners are again afforded the opportunity to comfortably have work done on their houses. There is a wide variety of projects that consumers may be able to do themselves, or hire qualified professionals to complete through the use of home improvement financing.

Exterior repairs
Gutters should be thoroughly cleaned, as leaves and other debris may have collected during autumn and compounded during winter. Ensuring water can efficiently flow through the gutter system will help houses to avoid damages from leaks. 

Investigating a house's roof may allow homeowners to mitigate major structural issues. Shingles should all be secured and flashing tightly sealed. Hiring roofing professionals to make the necessary repairs can free up some time for consumers - and decrease their risk of injury. 

Interior updates
Caulking around all windows and doors should be evaluated, and repaired if needed. The areas where warm and cool air mix is often where lots of moisture is formed and mold can develop.

Replacing the filters used by a house's furnace and air filtration system can help consumers to breathe easier, as the dust and air pollutants trapped during winter can be discarded.