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Green home improvements that can can greatly benefit the look, price of a property

Posted on Friday, March 8, 2013 at 11:28:59 AM

While homeowners traditionally look for ways to improve their properties to see heightened housing values, the recent increasing popularity in eco-conscious materials and projects has brought about a related rise in green modifications to residential units.

In order to potentially see lowered utility bills, and an appreciated home value, consider acquiring home improvement financing and completing these projects.

Incorporating sets of French doors into a wall
For any room on the eastern or western side of your home, adding French doors made with low-E tempered glass to a wall can not only increase ease of access, but allow sunlight to heat the space. The change may appear aesthetic, but you could save on heating costs during sunny winter months. 

Reclaiming wood from felled trees
Did one of your favorite trees in your yard or community recently have to come down? Consider paying to have the lumber milled into floorboards that you can have installed into a room in your house.

Installing a toilet with modern design, low-flow
There are a number of fashionable commodes available on the market today, and many of them reduce water usage. Replacing your current setup with such a product could boost the room's look, but also save you on utility costs.

Homeowners looking to make positive changes to their houses may benefit from examining the many home improvement loans offered by Home Loan Investment Bank.