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4 home improvement projects to tackle this February

Posted on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 1:18:59 PM

The brutal cold and wintry precipitation can make it very difficult for homeowners to tackle necessary upgrades and improvements in winter. However, there is no reason to completely halt all projects just because the weather outside is a bit frightful. There are quite a few home improvement projects - both do-it-yourself and contractor-assisted - that can be launched and completed in the colder months. 

Keep in mind here that these projects can keep you busy when you are stuck in the house due to inclement conditions. Let's take a look at some of the home improvement projects that you should consider taking care of this winter. 

1. Finish the basement or attic
Since you will not need to go outside much, launching a basement and attic refinishing project is perfect for winter. There are a few different approaches you can take that depend upon what condition these areas of the home are in currently. For example, if you need plumbing, walls and other major additions, then you should bring in a contractor. On the other hand, as Proud Green Home notes, you can begin to furnish it, paint, switch up the lay out and other activities the whole family can participate in when the weather is not looking so great. Then, once the warmth comes back, you will be ready to tackle outside projects. 

2. Inside winterization
You can immediately begin to enjoy some more comfortable and affordable environments in your own house this winter by launching projects that focus upon energy efficiency. One example would be changing out all of your traditional appliances with ones that are more eco-friendly, or even replacing a decades-old furnace with the most modern equipment. According to Money Crashers, winter is also a great time to add some insulation to the house, which will cut down on utilities bills and improve the overall coziness of your house, making the season a bit less oppressive in the process. 

3. Take a look at your plumbing
Sure, there are plenty components of your home's plumbing that are outside and need to be cared for by qualified maintenance professionals. However, all of those pipes that are in your home might need some TLC this winter, and you and your family can likely take care of at least some of the projects. Harry Helmet affirmed that the winter is the toughest time of the year for pipes, and homeowners should be looking for cracks and leaks whenever possible, then work to ensure that the entirety of the plumbing system is properly insulated and protected against the elements. 

4. Simple kitchen upgrades
A full-on kitchen remodeling project might not be the best idea for winter, as these can take a long period of time to complete and will generally demand plenty of contractors coming in and out of the house. However, Penn Live suggested that homeowners consider tackling a few relatively affordable upgrade projects for their kitchens this winter, including adding a backsplash, re-tiling the floor and potentially upgrading the furniture throughout. Given the fact that these projects are simple, they can be great activities for the whole family to enjoy on those especially snowy, cold days this season. 

Consider financing
If you choose to launch a more expensive home improvement project this winter, do not forget that financing programs are available to help you foot the bill and make it happen. Speak to a representative from your local bank about the home improvement loan options available today, as well as which one will best-suit your funding needs.