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Critical home improvement projects ahead of winter

Posted on Monday, November 14, 2016 at 11:19:42 AM

With so little time left between now and when the true extreme weather of winter sets in, homeowners need to cover their bases to ensure their homes are protected against the potential damages the cold and precipitation can cause.

Here are a few critical projects you should consider completing as soon as possible to stay warm, comfortable and secure in your home this winter:

  • Get your furnace serviced, and change out the filters. 
  • Install storm windows and doors. 
  • Insulate all of the crawl spaces and walls. 
  • Check for drafts and patch them with caulk, weather stripping and other materials. 
  • Insulate any and all pipes. 
  • Winterize your lawn and garden. 
  • Look for leaks in the basement and patch them to prevent flooding. 
  • Get your hot water heater serviced. 
  • Winterize your air conditioning system. 
  • Get all vents cleared and cleaned. 

If you take care of all this in time, you will be ready for a very relaxing and stress-free winter in your home. As always, if you need financing to complete one or more of these projects, speak to your local community bank about some of the home improvement loan program options available to you.