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Quick home improvements to improve energy efficiency [Video]

Posted on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 4:51:29 PM

Some home improvement projects will be purely aesthetic, with the owners looking to make upgrades that make them more comfortable in their own abodes. However, one of the major trends in home improvement today is energy efficient-centric updates, and several easy ones can dramatically reduce utilities bills. 

Curbed recommends first making sure that there are no drafts to speak of - not in the attic, basement or windows. Keeping the warm air in the home will not only boost the house's energy efficiency this winter, but will also keep the family cozy on those frigid days. 

If homeowners want to be very thorough, Curbed also suggested hiring a private home auditor, as this will ensure all of the potential upgrades are in clear sight and understood before embarking on the projects. 

Homeowners should also look into the range of home improvement financing programs available today, especially those specifically built for energy-efficient projects. Working with a local, community bank will often be the best option, as these establishments provide a more personalized touch with respect to guidance and borrower education.