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Home improvement projects to prepare for winter [Video]

Posted on Thursday, September 8, 2016 at 1:27:52 PM

If winter comes and the home has not been properly prepared, homeowners can spend far more than necessary on utilities, experience issues with their heating and cooling systems, and face other costly problems. Winterizing the home is a critical aspect of ownership, and a few quick home improvement projects can help to defend the abode from the harsher elements of the season. 

Popular Mechanics suggested homeowners thoroughly evaluate the interiors and exteriors of their houses to identify drafts, leaks and other issues that could lead to poor insulation or damage, then patch them accordingly. The news source also pointed out that insulation is always a good idea for both the walls of the home and pipes. 

No matter what, homeowners will always want to get their heating, cooling and duct systems cleared out and fixed up to avoid more costly damages once freezing temperatures strike. 

Many homeowners will be able to use home improvement loans to get these projects done more comfortably from a financial standpoint. Always consider leveraging the support and guidance of local, community banks for these types of financing needs.