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Back to school: Are you prepared?

Posted on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 at 12:47:21 PM

While the sun is still hot and families are winding up vacations, it is going to get very busy for many people very soon. Kids are returning to school, so be careful on those roads and, for goodness sake, put away that cell phone. We need to be extra prepared for anything in light of the Pokémon Go craze and the increased local traffic, including those busses.

Why not take this opportunity to do a back-to-school check on your vehicle? When was the last time you changed or checked your oil, rotated tires, fixed that ding in your windshield, replaced your wiper blades, or added fluids? I had my windshield repaired this summer. The company came right to my work, repaired the ding, and billed my insurance company. Vehicles run better when they are taken care of, period.

Make those appointments and take care of those repairs and avoid the prospect of "we could not find the time to do this summer because we were all so busy." If there is any time left, your vehicle would certainly appreciate a thorough car wash inside and out. You will too, and don't forget the undercarriage.

The next time we blink the holidays will be approaching with that colder weather. It is always better to be proactive about vehicle maintenance and repairs than reactive. Reactive usually ends up costing more money and frustration.

For the people out there making their existing rides work at all costs, you may want to consider trading or upgrading. Rates are low, and financing options are competitive in both the new and used markets. We are also getting to that time when the 2017 models are being introduced and car dealers want to make room for additional inventory resulting in more aggressive pricing on what's been hanging around in the lot for a while. Think summer clearance sale and get that new ride, or new to you ride.