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Avoiding issues and loss in home improvement projects

Posted on Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at 11:32:34 AM

Home improvement projects have skyrocketed across the nation of late, and this is generally good news. However, as has been the case so frequently in the past decade, any major trend tends to be accompanied by a rise in relevant scams, fraudulent activity and other issues that can lead to loss, headaches and damages. 

Homeowners need to keep their heads on the swivel, being keen on where they are putting their money, which projects they are launching and who they are contracting to get the job done. With home improvement financing becoming far more accessible and the level of investment going up so quickly, the time is now to understand the threats and risks involved. 

Big scam
The Stamford Advocate recently reported that one woman in the Connecticut town was hit by a relatively massive scam perpetuated by just one alleged assailant. According to the news provider, the Norwalk man who posed as a home improvement professional has been charged with stealing roughly $16,000 from the 83-year-old woman he targeted. 

The alleged scam artist had two accomplices, one of which being his father, and the two are now being charged with second-degree larceny. The source pointed out that the investigator in charge of the case, Paul DeRiu, noted in his affidavit that this is among the more common types of fraud perpetuated, and tends to follow a very distinct pattern. 

Research is key when selecting contractors, regardless of how big or small a project might be. For example, The Stamford Advocate had noted that this all began with a recommendation to repair the garage of the woman's home, which is a relatively small pursuit in the grand scheme of things. With enough research, the right contractors will be hired rather than ones who will either fail to complete the projects or try to steal money from the homeowner. 

Bad work leads to lawsuit
The Columbus Dispatch reported that Ohio's Attorney General Mike DeWine has filed a lawsuit against a home contractor due to consistent issues with the work being done. In some instances, the news provider stated that the contractor simply did not deliver on agreed-upon services, while other projects were done poorly. 

Remember, all it takes is a bit of patience and diligence to ensure those home improvement investments are being put to good use and translate to returns, rather than losses.