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Home improvement tips from the professionals

Posted on Thursday, May 5, 2016 at 4:47:59 PM

Although home improvement projects will be commonly launched when owners have a couple extra bucks in their pockets and want to enhance their living spaces, many will be tackled when it comes time to list the house. As many homeowners likely already know from their purchasing experiences, certain simple types of projects can go a long way toward boosting the value - specifically the curbside appeal - of a given property, and sellers need to understand this as well.

In addition to green projects that will increase how much the house sells for on the marketplace, homeowners need to be going through several key improvement projects in the time leading up to the initial listing. When looking for tips on how to increase the final sales price, who would be better to ask than the leading real estate agents in the country?

Real advice recently published a blog post from Jamie Wiebe who listed some of the more prominent home improvement projects owners should consider taking part in before listing their houses, and certainly before the first potential buyer comes to take a look. According to the author, some of the projects are relatively simple, such as taking care of the outside area, ensuring there are not a lot of weeds and that the grounds are as presentable as possible.

Others are a bit more complex. For example, Wiebe stated that hardwood floors are far more attractive to today's buyers than carpet, especially if the carpets are too old and permanently dirty. This particular project would no doubt be expensive, but can pay off dividends when it comes time to sell the home. The author argued that cabinets, doors, windows and fixtures should be evaluated with a fine-toothed comb to ensure that every nook and cranny is prepared for the eyes of a buyer.

Furthermore, updated lighting and paint are always a good idea, Wiebe affirmed.

Getting financed
Home improvement projects can be expensive, especially when there are no plans to put the house on the market for a little while. So these projects might be better financed through loans and other programs. Home improvement financing is growing thanks to a healthier economic landscape, and owners can often get their projects completed a bit more comfortably when using these services. Local community banks are often the best positioned to deliver these loans.