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March's surging auto sales [Video]

Posted on Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at 6:05:21 PM

The American automotive industry proved resilient in the face of some of the harshest adversities it had ever faced back during the economic downturn. Similarly, American consumers have overcome plenty of challenges seen during the recession to regain a sense of confidence and hope for the future. March showed that the two groups are moving in the right direction.

Car and Driver reported that roughly 1.59 million cars were sold in March, which is about 3 percent higher than the same period a year prior. The source reminded readers that 2015 saw record sales in the United States, meaning that even small growth - or no growth at all - is not necessarily an entirely negative finding in the grand scheme.

With this type of consistent growth, it has become clearer that consumers are better equipped to purchase automobiles today than they were a couple of years back. Auto financing and lending is also improving thanks to a combination of stronger earnings performances in the workforce and consistently low rates and flexible terms. Right now is a good time to purchase and sell a vehicle in the United States.